Lyanna Mormont Returns to 'GoT' and She Looks Ready to Fight

Lyanna Mormont was the surprise hit of Game of Thrones Season 6 — the badass junior Lady of Bear Island who schooled pretty much every single person she came across — and now she’s definitely back for Season 7. And if new behind-the-scenes pics are any indication, she’s going to do a hell of a lot more than stare across a table this time.

Twitter user Pap4u has been posting behind-the-scenes pics from the Northern Ireland set of Game of Thrones. We’ve gotten confirmation of returning characters like Littlefinger and Tormund (Brienne’s boyfriend!), as well as the hint of a possible new female character. However, none of them matter as much as Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey), because she is the only good thing left in Westeros.

Looks like the Old Gods and the New have blessed us with the Lady of Bear Island once again, as these latest photos prove Lyanna’s returning for Season 7. It’s not all that surprising; we had a feeling she’d come back in some capacity after last season’s powerhouse performance. However, the interesting thing is her wardrobe.

Last season, Lyanna Mormont used her words as her weapons. She was intelligent and shrewd, but didn’t get to do a lot of action besides sit on a horse and glare. As a result, her clothing was very regal, but didn’t allow for a lot of movement. These latest photos show her in what could be an outfit designed for action, with pants and sensible boots. It’s very similar to Brienne of Tarth’s unarmored wardrobe, or what Jon Snow wore when he was a member of the Night’s Watch.

Does this mean Lyanna Mormont will be joining the fighting ranks as the North wages war on Queen Cersei? Either that’s true, or it should absolutely be true. There’s nothing this little Lady of Bear Island can’t do, except (for some reason) be included on Game of Thrones Cast and Crew website. Get on that, HBO.

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