'Blade Runner 2049' Will Keep the Original's Art Deco Design


Director Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel may be set 30 years after the original film, but a new set photo released along with the movie’s title announcement makes it seem like no time has passed at all.

A press release from Warner Bros. confirmed that the upcoming Blade Runner sequel — produced and owned by Alcon Entertainment — will be called Blade Runner 2049, and that the movie would take place 30 years after the original movie, which was set in a dystopian 2019. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as maybe-definitely-a-replicant Rick Deckard, and that’s all the specifics we know. The press release literally says, “Story details are not being revealed” before simply listing off co-stars like Ryan Gosling and screenwriters Hampton Fancher and Michael Green.

The set photo included also looks like Villeneuve, Ford, Gosling, and the original film’s director Ridley Scott just kind of hanging out in a kitchen somewhere. It’s not too much to go on, but just like that scene from the original where Deckard uses the Esper Machine to enhance an image of Zhora the replicant, we used some enhancements ourselves.

Take a look at the photo below:

Villeneuve, Scott, Ford, and Gosling palling around on the set of 'Blade Runner 2049' in front of some serious firearms.

Warner Bros.

You’ll notice the set — with its marble walls, wooden bookshelves, and stylish kitchenware — retains the art deco style that typified the neo-noir feel of the original.

The revolver from the original 'Blade Runner'.


Enhance the photo to check out the kitchen counter some more and you’ll see two revolvers, one of which is the exact same gun Deckard used in the original movie. It seems Deckard hasn’t retired from being a Blade Runner just yet, or worse. Maybe he’s been on the run for 30 years after being outed as a replicant and is still packing heat.

Also, is that Gaff’s infamous origami unicorn we spy in the glass on the countertop or are our eyes just fuzzy?

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 6, 2017.

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