How Poe Dameron Survived That Crash in 'The Force Awakens'


After Poe Dameron was thrown from the wreckage of a stolen TIE Fighter, he eventually made it back to the Resistance Base — but how? A new expansion pack for Lego’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens game will depict the ways in which Poe scrappily survived and got himself off of the planet Jakku. And yes, the phrase “moof milker” is evoked.

Titled Poe’s Quest for Survival, the level expansion pack picks up right after Finn walks away from the crash site in The Force Awakens. Poe is desperate for water and is rescued by a suspicious member of the Blarina race; the same species as Wollivan from The Force Awakens. Poe then teams up with this particular Blarina in fighting off some Old West-style bandits who are trying to pillage and shoot up a town on Jakku. This particular Blarina seems initially hostile toward Poe, but then lightens up as they take on the bandits. Apparently Poe is great at making friends in moments of crisis.

Though the various Lego Star Wars videos and games are probably not part of the “real” Star Wars canon, there’s also no reason to think this account of Poe’s adventures didn’t happen in between his meetings with Finn and BB-8. Essentially, it looks like Poe chills with some traders, takes out some bad guys, and uses that goodwill to buy himself some transport off Jakku. Meanwhile, while Poe’s Blarina friend probably isn’t Wollivan, the two do seem to get chummy durning their adventure. This little alien’s mother was apparently a “moof milker,” meaning Han Solo’s bizarre insult in The Force Awakens refers to actual “people” who milk what we can only assume are “moofs.”

Oscar Issac provides the voice of Poe Dameron for the new Lego level expansion, though it’s unclear if his Lego avatar will be able to bite his lip quite like he does in The Force Awakens.


Poe’s Quest for Survival is out next week.

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