Maeve and Dolores Instigate Westworld's Robot Revolt


Westworld has finally found it’s Bonnie and Clyde — only this time, it’s two female robots (Bonnie and…Clydia?) determined to buck the law and set off a robot revolt. Former robot-hostesses Maeve and Dolores wake up to a nightmare in Westworld, and it might just lead to them staging a robot revolt powered by a world-altering friend- and partnership.

Though Maeve and Dolores may have once been robot hosts who were unaware of their role in a world created for consumption, thats all changing in our newest intro to the dynamic duo of Westworld. As they begin to realize the truths of their reality and humanity, Maeve and Dolores find themselves becoming suddenly and unsettlingly aware that their existence isn’t at all what they thought it was.

Preparing for what is almost definitely going to be a big, bloody battle, the two robot-women are going to change their fates, likely together. We may very well come to find through Maeve and Dolores that a friendship forged in robot revolt is stronger than Valyrian steel.

Perhaps the most important moment of this new introduction is the brief look exchanged between the two. It only lasts for a moment, but is charged with a kind of knowingness. Its the kind of look that says, I know what you are.” That vital understanding and common ground that comes with a shared realization that neither is what they’ve always thought they were will likely power this revolt, this new narrative.

Westworld is all about visitors creating their own narratives, but what happens when an A.I. “character” wakes up? They become something more than just a passive bystander — they become a co-author. As Maeve says, “Time to write my own story.”

Westworld premieres on HBO October 2 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

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