How to Get the New Exotic Khvostov Rifle in ‘Destiny’

A classic weapon retooled for a new generation. 

Nicholas Bashore

The Khvostov 7G-02 has been with Destiny players since the first of them started their journey back in September 2014. This modern-inspired rifle may not have been very effective in the long run, but it helped players fight through the Fallen, secure their first ship, and find their way to the Tower as fresh Guardians. Now, two years later, it’s finally getting the upgrade it deserves.

In Rise of Iron, players can get their hands on an upgraded version of the Khvostov — the Khvostov 7G-0X — that’s been recreated as a Year 3 exotic (the rarest type) weapon attainable through a unique questline. What’s great about the new version of the Khvostov is that it’s actually available early in the new expansion provided you saved your original weapon.

Nicholas Bashore

There are two ways to start the questline for the Khvostov. If you’re a Destiny hoarder like me and you’ve kept the Khvostov 7G-02 from the start, you’ll simply be able to dismantle the weapon for the Khvostov 7G Schematic. With the schematic in your inventory, head back to the new social space and speak with Shiro-4 to get the questline started.

If you don’t have the original weapon, but have a free character space, I’d recommend making a new character and completing the first few quests in the game. Then, use your vault to swap the original weapon over to your main character to dismantle for the schematic. If you’re unable to do so, you’ll have to go through a more rigorous introduction to the exotic weapon’s questline.

To get started, you’ll want to head into patrol in the Plaguelands and look around for a Hive Brood Mother. Once killed, they will drop a Splicer Intel Relay, which you’ll be using to get to the original starting area. Head back to where you first dropped into patrol and go right until you see a double door to walk though. Proceed through this area until you backtrack to the Rocketyard area from the original game, and then work your way back to the area where you first started Destiny.

Once you’ve neared the final part of the area, you’ll encounter a laser grid which can be disabled via a terminal on your right with the Splicer Intel Relay. Proceed on through, and you’ll find a giant Fallen ship covered with enemies. Clear it out and head into the ship; in the back right of the room you’ll find a chest with the schematic inside.

Nicholas Bashore

Regardless of how you got started, Shiro-4 will send you back out into the Plaguelands to gather all of the parts required to assemble the new Khvostov. You’ll need to collect three separate parts along with 10 manual pages to unlock the next step of the questline.

Manual pages are relatively easy to collect in the Plaguelands because nearly every enemy in the area has a chance to drop them. It doesn’t matter what you kill, you’ll always have a shot at finding a page. Just spend some time completing bounties, exploring, doing Patrol missions, or farming a specific area, and you’ll quickly pick up the required 10.

Unlike the pages, the Khvostov parts are in three very specific locations in the original Cosmodrome, but only if accessed through the new area. Once again, head to the beginning of the Plaguelands patrol area and proceed right through the double door until you find yourself back in the Rocketyard. From here, you’ll be able to navigate towards each individual weapon part.

Part 1

Nicholas Bashore

The first weapon part is located where you found your original ship in Destiny. Head through the Rocketyard and circle left towards the Divide. Once there, proceed straight through towards the small complex that housed your original ship. Fight though the enemies present, then look in a room at the back-left to find your first weapon part lying underneath the stairs.

Parts 2 and 3

Nicholas Bashore

The next two weapon parts are located in the locations present during The Devils’ Lair strike. Head back though the Divide and into the Rocketyard again. You’ll then want to proceed to the far right of the Rocketyard and move down into the Refinery. Run straight through as if you were completing the strike and you’ll find the second weapon part lying in a corner off to your right. Continue along the path until you reach a large open area referred to as the Blast. Here, you’ll want to move to the large building in the middle — where you’ll find the last part sitting on the catwalk.

Once you’ve obtained the 10 manual pages and all three parts, head back to Shiro-4 in Felwinter Peak. After speaking with him, you’ll unlock a new mission on Earth called “A Khvostov Rising” that’s located in the lower right-hand corner of the mission map. A certain captain in the mission will ultimately drop the Khvostov 7G-0X for you during the mission. Just remember to, you know, actually finish it, and the weapon is yours for good.

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