Hold Up, There's Absolutely No Way Deadpool Is a Hufflepuff


Over the weekend, Reddit user kittenghost1 dug up a few panels from an old Deadpool comic, which depicted the hero waiting outside a bookstore for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince alongside a group of children.

An asshole of epic proportions drives by and reveals the spoiler of all spoilers in the Harry Potter universe (that Snape kills Dumbledore). Deadpool falls to the ground, screaming, “Noooooo!” The most important takeaway from this event is what Deadpool is decked out in: a Hufflepuff robe.

Nick Filardi — the colorist of that particular Deadpool issue — weighed in and admitted the coloring of Deadpool’s robe was entirely intentional. It isn’t a joke. “We went back and forth on a couple rounds of corrections and the editors insisted Hufflepuff,” Filardi wrote. While Deadpool’s writers have pushed the envelope in many genre-defining ways, this is one development we cannot allow to stand.


Here’s the thing: Deadpool is undeniably, and quite obviously, a Ravenclaw (in our personal canon, and based on his characterization in the comics). Four of the main traits of a Ravenclaw are “intelligence,” “wit,” “originality,” and “individuality,” and all of those traits add up to a nice way of saying someone’s got a mouth on him.


Why Hufflepuff? Well, he certainly is loyal (to certain people), which is one of the main traits of a Hufflepuff. And his dedication and work ethic — while subject to distractions — are undeniable. Or maybe the Merc with a Mouth just really likes the idea of having his Common Room be close to the kitchen. We can’t really blame him for that.