Real-Life Transformers Are (Almost) Here

While Transformers 6 isn’t slated to come out until 2017, die-hard fans might have something better to keep them occupied in the meantime: a real-life Autobot.

Well, a prototype of one at least. Turkish startup Letvision recently released a video demonstrating one of their “Letrons” in action.

When in car mode, the “Antimon” model of the Letron basically works like any self-driving electric car. In order to transform into a robot, the motors work with a system of hydraulic cylinders to move the cars parts in a process that takes just under a minute. Much like the Transformers of your childhood, the Letron has a neck, legs, and hands that can move at up to 120-degree angles for flexible movement. Unlike an extraterrestrial Cybertronian, the robots are voice-controlled by humans and use wifi technology.


While Letvision has a small online presence, the startup touts partnership with companies like Intel and Microsoft on its website.

The BMW-based model, which took eight months to build, is far from perfect. The company is waiting on “reasonable funding” to figure out how to make the cars walk, so the Antimon wouldn’t be much use against a Decepticon yet. According to the company’s website, the Antimon is for sale but only if the “buyer’s project and their reasons for use meets the criteria of the LETRONS team.” It’s unclear if that means Michael Bay is eligible or not. The company hasn’t revealed what the car would actually cost or when it would be available, but Letvision said it’s planning a full line of Letrons in other colors and car models.

You can watch the full demonstration of the model here:

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