Thor's Hammer Has a Weird New Power: It Turns Into People

Marvel Comics

Thor’s hammer turned into a particularly important person. In the newest issue of The Mighty Thor #11, Thor’s hammer — called Mjolnir — demonstrates a psychedelic new power which allowed it to transform into the one person that could save Thor’s life: Jane Foster. But wait, isn’t Thor Jane Foster?

In Thor’s most recent battle against the Silver Samurai, Thor was hit by a “Midas Bullet” — a magic bullet that was strong enough to pierce Thor’s skin and weaken her magic powers. As Foster began to collapse from the bullet, she’s rescued by none other than Dr. Jane Foster. Turns out the hammer revealed a new ability that allows it to become Jane Foster, along with all of Foster’s medical knowledge. The Mjolnir Foster surgically extracts the bullet from its alter-ego, saving her life. So yeah, it’s mind-bending.

In 2015, Marvel dramatically introduced a new Thor into the Marvel universe. After becoming unworthy of the hammer, the original Thor was banished from Asgard. Suddenly, a mysterious new female Thor took his place. Her identity was eventually revealed to be Jane Foster (portrayed by Natalie Portman in the Marvel Thor films). Explaining Foster’s status as Thor would almost require a separate post unto itself, but the short of it is that Foster inherited the hammer shortly after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Turning into Thor temporarily heals her cancer before she returns to her human form, disease and all.

Mjolnir as Jane Foster

Marvel Comics

After taking over the Thor mantle in the first issue of The Mighty Thor, Foster has proven exceptional with Mjolnir, often performing tremendous feats that even the original Thor admits to having been unable to do with the hammer. As the hammer Jane Foster returns to its/her original Mjolnir form, it/she reveals that Foster’s unique abilities encompass why the hammer chose her to become the new Thor.

While it’s unclear if this new power is specific to Foster, it will be interesting to see if her continuing role as Thor will show us other new powers in the future.