Scotty's Classic Girlfriend Is Secretly in 'Star Trek Beyond'

Scotty’s one and only love interest from Star Trek: The Original Series, Lt. Mira Romaine, exists in the rebooted Kelvin Timeline, and this time, it seems like her mind might not be invaded by aliens.

In a recently released deleted scene from Star Trek Beyond, Kirk and Scotty chat briefly at Starbase Yorktown. Kirk really wants to grab a drink with Scotty, but Scotty can’t because he has dinner date with “Lt. Romaine.” This can only refer to Mira Romaine, who appeared in the Season 3 episode from the original series, “The Lights of Zetar.” In the episode, Mira Romaine is a scientist serving aboard the Enterprise when the ship visits the super-important library planet, Memory Alpha. Throughout the episode, Mira and Scotty get cozy while fighting off a threat from aliens who appear as flashing lights. These aliens eventually invade a person’s mind and control their body, like space parasites combined with zombies made of pure energy.

In the original episode, Mira Romaine and Scotty don’t get to stay together mostly because she has to be put in a little decontamination pod to eradicate her body of all the invading alien life forces. But, with this new deleted scene from Beyond, it seems like Scotty and Mira might totally have a shot at a normal, healthy relationship. Sadly, because Lt. Romaine is only mentioned in this scene, we have no idea what she might look like, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t show up in a future installment of the rebooted films.

Mira Romaine in stasis after the alien attack on her mind.


In addition to the core classic seven main characters, the original Star Trek featured a number of one-off or semi-regular members of the Enterprise crew. Here’s hoping the mention of Lt. Romaine could bring back other lesser-known, but beloved Starfleet crew — Lt. Riley, Yeoman Janice Rand, Yeoman Tamura, Dr. M’benga, and Khan’s favorite historian, Marla McGivers — to a future installment of the films.

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