These 'BioShock' Weapons Will Blow You Away

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BioShock as a franchise has been, and likely always will be, one based around conflict. Regardless of the circumstances, each entry has featured a hefty amount of combat. Part and parcel with that combat came a fantastic arsenal of weapons too, all of which are memorable in their own way. But some are better than others.

With the remastered collection dropping soon, players will have the chance to experiment with new weapon combinations and relive combat scenarios with some old favorites. Here’s some of our favorite weapons from the BioShock franchise we’re looking forward to wreaking havoc with once again.

6. The Wrench (BioShock)

One of the most iconic weapons from the franchise, the wrench is the first weapon players received in the original BioShock as Jack. Based on the design of a simple 2.5-inch pipe wrench you might find lying around, this weapon was the go-to for players working to conserve ammunition or focus on melee attacks. If used in unison with the right set of physical and combat tonics, you could also get the wrench to crank out the highest damage per second of any weapon in the game. The little melee weapon was extremely deadly when combined with plasmids like Winter Blast and Electro Bolt.

5. Machine Gun (BioShock)

While it may be considered one of the most standard weapons in a video game, the machine gun in BioShock always served as a reliable workhorse for players when faced with crowds of enemies. This weapon was specifically designed to resemble the 1921 Chicago Typewriter from Thompson, but a few upgrades gives it a steampunk look — rivaled by few other weapons — featuring an interconnected series of tubes, wires, and lights.

4. The Drill (BioShock 2)

There’s few enemies in BioShock more intimidating than a Big Daddy. These genetically modified humans carry around a massive diving suit for protection and a large spinning drill to impale their enemies. This drill is beautiful, brutal, and something every player wants to get their hands on. And they do, eventually, thanks to BioShock 2.

The drill of BioShock 2 allows players to close distance quickly and bore into enemies with brutal efficiency. While the weapon does require large amounts of fuel, it’s devastating in the hands of a skilled player with the proper upgrades. Plus, you know, being a Big Daddy is cool.

3. Sky-Hook (BioShock Infinite)

Typically used to travel the various Sky-Lines present throughout the city of Columbia, the Sky-Hook, like the wrench of BioShock, is the first weapon players obtain as Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite. After that, the thing is permanently equipped and can be used to damage enemies as well as knock them off the Sky-Lines scattered throughout the game.

You can also use the Sky-Hook to execute enemies with low health, tearing into them and launching them across the battlefield. It takes some skill to master, but when utilized properly it creates some unforgettable combat moments.

2. Radar Range (BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea)

Scientists in the BioShock universe worked to develop a great many dangerous things, such as the “Oven of the Future” — or, for our purposes, the Radar Range. Created by Fontaine Futuristics to heat up and cook food by way of a microwave energy beam, the only problem was that it could also be used to cook people who disagreed with the chef.

The weapon is located in the storage closet of the bistro at Fontaine’s while playing BioShock Infinite’s DLC, Burial at Sea. Not only does it heat up humanoid targets and cause them to explode, but it damages any enemies in close proximity to said explosions. While ammunition is rare, and the weapon isn’t very effective against armored targets, it certainly makes a mess of those who disagree with Booker’s cooking habits.

1. Paddywhacker Hand Cannon (BioShock Infinite)

Modeled after the 1851 Colt Navy revolver, the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon will forever hold a place in my heart. This six-shot revolver may have a low ammo count and slow firing rate to compliment it, but, thanks to its incredible reliability, it remains one of the best weapons in BioShock Infinite. It’s got one of the highest accuracy ratings in the game coupled with absurd amounts of damage potential with the right upgrades, allowing it to take on every single enemy in the game, including the Handyman. That, combined with its quick reload time and abundant ammunition pickups, makes it one of the most deadly weapons in the BioShock franchise.

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