Jeff Bezos Will Build Two Huge Rocket Launch Sites in Florida

Blue Origin

SpaceX might’ve had a little explosion problem earlier this month, but Jeff Bezos’ competing Blue Origin is planning on building two massive rocket launch sites in Florida to help the aerospace company reach even greater heights.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, Blue Origin filed a permit on September 6 to build two orbital launch sites at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Just under a year ago, Blue Origin announced that it planned on building and launching rockets from the station’s Launch Complex 36. The recent filing reveals that the spaceflight company also plans to operate a facility on Launch Complex 11 as well.

The last time a rocket went up at Launch Complex 11 was in 1964, way back when the site was used to launch Atlas rockets. Blue Origin plans to demolish parts of the old facilities and replace them with a modern, state of the art ones.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin and

Getty Images / Win McNamee

The Orlando Business Journal reports that Blue Origin plans on launching rockets at its fancy new Cape Canaveral sites within 10 years. Bezos has previously said that the company might be sending tourists into space by 2018.

Blue Origin is also working on a rocket factory at Kennedy Space Center’s Exploration Park. Bezos shared a photo of construction crews working on the site back in June.