'Civil War' Featurette Teases Wanda's New Powers in 'Infinity War'

Captain America: Civil War was released September 2 as an iTunes digital download. The package includes the blooper reel previously launched online, and a bunch of mini comics and behind- the-scenes featurettes, some of which are un-lockable, based on the viewer’s self-professed “team”. Opening up the digital download launches a menu screen which asks viewers to choose a side: either Team Cap or Team Tony.

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In one video, The Making of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ - Part One, Elizabeth Olsen and the Russo brothers describe the changes evident in Scarlet Witch, or Wanda Maximoff, in Civil War. Olsen points out that the film introduced several new powers for Wanda, including flight and the ability to boost Captain America’s movements by loaning him bursts of energy. “We try to ground it in this applied telekinesis, and it seems like she’s getting better at it all the time,” co-screenwriter Stephen McFeely says. After his co-writer Christopher Markus agrees, McFeely adds, “we’d love to draw on that for Infinity War, TBD…” and the two men make these faces:

Hint hint, can you see how big our eyes are right now?

Elizabeth Olsen was confirmed for Infinity War back in April. That fact, with this additional information on her growing powers, suggests she’ll play an important role in the future film. As commented on in Civil War, Wanda and her late brother received their powers from scientists screwing around with the Mind Stone, which Vision carries in his forehead. Fans have pointed out that when Wanda used her energy to force Vision into the ground in Civil War, she actually managed to change the color of the Mind Stone from its characteristic yellow to her scarlet hue. That could mean Wanda has a unique ability to control the stone, making her a formidable opponent for those who would seek to steal it.

The mind stone is one of five infinity stones which will eventually end up in the gauntlet on Thanos’s big purple fist. Given that Vision is powered by the Mind Stone, having it forcibly removed from his head would kill him. Wanda and Vision’s mutual attraction, hinted at in the film but explored in detail in the comics, means she’ll probably take a huge emotional hit if Thanos has Vision destroyed.

One thing’s clear: the MCU’s screenwriters are excited about Wanda’s abilities, and will apparently give her a seat of power in future films.

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