This ‘Channel Zero’ Clip is Creepy AF (What’s in the Hallway?)

Listen, people, maybe move into a different house?


Syfy is releasing Channel Zero’s self-contained first season, Candle Cove, on September 27, and we just got another mysterious look into the show’s undeniably bone-chilling visuals.

The last teasers made our teeth rattle, but this clip is just plain disconcerting. It features a little girl and a man who we’re guessing is her father sitting on a bed and playing a card game. It’s all super chill and fine until the girl slowly lifts her head and looks over the man’s shoulder. The shot cuts to a tall, shadowy figure in the hall who stops in the doorway. The girl continues to stare, and the worst part is that she looks so calm about the whole thing. The blank expression on the girl’s face is scarier than any nightmare creature lurking in the hall.

What is this girl’s problem? What the hell is that thing in the hallway? Why doesn’t the person controlling the camera focus on it? Tell us!

“Lily, do you see something behind me?” the man asks.

Yeah, dumbass! Run,

We’re not entirely sure why the man asks Lily that question so casually, but sure, maybe he’s used to things lurking around behind him and just throws it out there.

Listen, bud, if that’s how you react to some freaky shit in your house, your days are numbered for sure.

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