Are 'Rogue One' Secrets Hidden in This Toy-Filled Fan Film?

Star Wars, Hasbro

Various secrets surrounding the characters and situations of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won’t be answered until the movie is actually released, but the toys might be giving us some clues in the meantime.

Instead of simply releasing a catalog of toys, Disney has created a multi-part, stop-motion series — starring toys — that will reveal all the new Rogue One toys.

The first film introduces the Jyn Erso action figure as she lands on Jedha to steal the Death Star plans (which are made of Legos) from Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor (also an action figure). Along the way the core cast fall into some hi-jinks, running into some Stormtroopers and tripping over each other for the Death Star secrets.

It’s a fun, light-hearted video, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if the characterization of the figures will mirror the actual characters in the film. Erso’s no-nonsense rogue, Andor’s smooth persona, and Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO all get some grounded characterization despite their toy forms.

Last year, Disney announced its toy line-up for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens with a 24-hour livestream on YouTube, debuting different toys from across the globe at all different timezones. This year, however, the company has decided on working with fans to launch the “Go Rogue” campaign which will allow fans to submit for a competition that will be judged by a panel that includes Rogue One director Gareth Edwards.

Disney’s various new Rogue One toys, which includes merchandise from Hasbro, Mattel, Lego, and more, will be available September 30.

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