The Best 'Fallout 4' Enemy Is a Tribute to ‘Tremors’

The ground is a-trembling.


There’s a little Kevin Bacon in Nuka-World, the last DLC for Bethesda Softworks open-world epic Fallout 4. As players make their way to the Wild West-themed Dry Rock Gulch, they’ll find themselves investigating a mysterious plague of carnivorous creatures. Get ready to tangle with the expansion’s only truly new enemy: The nefarious bloodworm.

Showing some Bacon love isn’t a new thing for this iteration of the franchise. At least one person has noticed a striking resemblance between the game’s ghouls and the ubiquitous star of the big and small screen.

With recent confirmation of a Tremors reboot in the works at Amazon, it’s difficult not to make the connection between the giant worms prowling the dusty streets of Dry Rock Gulch and the little town that was similarly put under siege by subterranean dinosaur worms in 1990’s Tremors, which starred an up-and-coming Kevin Bacon as a dimwitted handyman leading a group of survivors to safety. As Kevin Bacon gears up to take on the role (and the worms) once more, it’s only natural to want to celebrate the serendipitous pairing.


Now, you too can experience the thrill of running blindly through a small Western town while never knowing when pure evil is going to come up through the ground to eat you whole. The desert town setting of the amusement park is the perfect way to engage in a little Bacon-themed role-playing.

Just be thankful they don’t have tongue worms, too.

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