'Walking Dead' Deleted Scene Could Mean Maggie Escapes Negan

We can tentatively scratch her off the Lucille list.


Season 6 of The Walking Dead was released on DVD today, and one deleted scene may contain a major hint about whom the series’ big bad Negan hit — or didn’t hit — with his barbed-wire-wrapped bat Lucille at the end of the season.

For those of you that aren’t caught up before Season 7’s October 23 premiere, Negan (who, let’s be honest, will never have a name that doesn’t look like a glaring typo) beat the holy hell out of someone at the end of last season. But who? The showrunners are clearly betting on that answer resulting in big ratings for the season premiere, teased here in their San Diego Comic-Con promo, and most fans are weeping a river of concern for Glenn.

Of course, those of us who have caught up are aware that Glenn is most likely fine and primed to appear in Season 7, to the relief of fans and Maggie, but a moment deleted from this season featuring Maggie and Deanna Monroe brings us back to a moment when that wasn’t as certain. Maggie’s grief and uncertainty are on full display when Maggie and Deanna have this exchange.

The relief of another season of Glenn aside, you’ve got to wonder what made the powers that be decide to cut this tense, empowering moment out. Are they laying it on too thick? Did they just want room to air another Tide commercial? The world may never know.

“He’s a smart, brave, kid and badass young man surviving some incredible odds,” Deanna growls at a stoic Maggie.

I mean, beside the fact that that could describe about three quarters of the cast of The Walking Dead, that’s not half bad.

And what about Maggie? The words of hope and leadership will most likely be reflected in Maggie’s season seven plotline as she emerges as a leader in her community, hopefully with Glenn by her side. For those of us entrenched in the comics, we know Maggie goes on to take control of the Hilltop instead of Gregory, whose political persona is deemed less effective than Maggie’s knowledge and ability to empathize.

With two months until the reveal of Negan’s victim, one thing seems sure - Maggie and Glenn will live to see it, though in what condition we can’t be sure.

You can watch the deleted scene here.

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