Everywhere You Can Watch 'The NeverEnding Story' in Theaters

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If it’s been too long since you envisioned yourself riding on Falkor’s back, then you’re in luck: the 1984 beloved fantasy film The NeverEnding Story is returning to movie theaters in the United States for a limited run in September.

Fathom Events is coordinating the iconic film’s re-release, and will include a special short featurette called Reimagine the NeverEnding Story before every screening. A full list of the screenings are available from Fathom right here. Note: some eagle-eyed fans noticed their movie theater’s listings didn’t include the screenings – but they are are indeed happening.

Though the original NeverEnding Story spawned two sequels — The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter and The Never Ending Story III: Escape from Fantasia — the original movie remains a heartfelt favorite of those who came of age in the ‘80s or were heavily influenced by siblings and parents who were in love with the movie.

Presumably, there’s at least one generation who has never seen The NeverEnding Story in a theatre, and perhaps a whole group of people who haven’t seen it at all. In the age of reboots and re-imaginings, this one hasn’t been touched by big studios, yet. And that’s probably because there’s no way to improve on the design of the flying fluffy dog/dragon, Falkor.

Still, it’s probably a good idea to run out and catch The NeverEnding Story in the theater next month and preserve your memories of Falkor, Atreyu, and Bastian Balthazar Bux forever.

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