Reading 'Harry Potter' Can Destroy Trump

If you think a Donald Trump presidency would be just as bad as the rein of the dark Lord Voldemort, then take note: studies show reading Harry Potter makes you more likely to vote for Hillary. And now, celebrated Potter author J.K. Rowling has supported the idea that reading her novels creates anti-Trump vibes by retweeting an incendiary article which indicates Muggles who love Potter don’t love the Don.

In a 2014 study conducted by The University of Pennsylvania’s Professor Diana Mutz, potential voters of Donald Trump were polled on their approval of the presidential hopeful, and also their knowledge of the seven Harry Potter books. Basically, Mutz discovered there was an inverse relationship between knowing about the machinations of Hogwarts and holding a positive view of Donald Trump. Mutz used a scale of 100 points and discovered that, “ … for someone who has read all seven books, the total impact could lower their estimation of Trump by 18 points out of 100.”

Giphy.com/Warner Bros

“So, this has now made my day,” J.K. Rowling tweeted, signaling her approval that her books may promote ideologies starkly opposed to Donald Trump’s brand of Republicanism. In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the magical patronus charm is used to as a kind of attack-shield to defeat the soul-sucking dementors. But here in our non-magical muggle-world, if you think of Trump as a similar soul-sucker, looks like the only patronus you’ll need is your favorite Harry Potter book.