Sony's Leaked PS4 Slim Is Definitely Real

It's coming soon, but some people already got their hands on it.

Over the weekend, we got our first look at the redesigned version of the PlayStation 4 dubbed the PS4 Slim. Sony was silent on the subject, and entire consoles don’t usually leak, but as of this morning, it’s official — thanks to a video from Eurogamer, we know the PS4 Slim is definitely real.

This new video shows the PlayStation 4 Slim booting up. Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter captured the footage during a visit with the individual who claimed to have bought the console from Gumtree over the weekend.

In this specific case, the leak of the PS4 Slim model is perhaps more surprising than its existence. We knew Sony would develop a slim model to compete directly with Microsoft’s new Xbox One S released earlier this month, but the unannounced illicit release was a huge surprise.

These slim console models have been around for generations, too – starting back with the PlayStation 2 remodel back in 2004. The trend continued through the previous console generation as well; both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 received a complete makeover a few years into their production.

In many cases, a few hardware changes are present in these slim models that increase the overall performance of console, like the Xbox One S’s 4K video resolution. The idea behind these models is to provide an improved, better looking package for users who are interested in picking up an improved version of their favorite console or to create interest for new customers who might have missed the first wave of consoles upon release.

While we don’t have any specific hardware details on the PS4 Slim, it’s safe to assume that Sony is planning to cover them in full during the company’s event in New York City next month alongside the official reveal of the upgraded PS4 dubbed “Neo”.

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