'Stranger Things' Font Generator Lets You Create 'Crazy Shit'

Nostalgia is undoubtedly the unstoppable power behind the enthusiasm for Netflix’s Stranger Things – and we all know that iconic ITC Benguiat font has more than a little to do with it. Just the shape of those letters makes our hairs stand on end, sending the mind thinking about creepy Stephen King/David Lynch/X-Files chimeras haunting our nightmares. And now, you too can give totally innocuous words the Stranger Things treatment with this nifty font-generator.

You can “strangify” any two words you want, but what should you choose? Something that honors the creeptastic texture of Stranger Things? Or perhaps a Stephen King or David Lynch creation to honor the origin of ITC Benguiat to begin with? It turns out, the possibilities are endless, but we do have some suggestions. And be warned: once you start playing with the Stranger Things font-generator, you will literally be sucked into a time-loop for at least two hours. With that in mind, we’ve created some of the obvious ones for you right away. Here’s a brief journey into the world of Stranger Things font games, or as we like to call it: Crazy Shit.

An homage to Stranger Things itself.

We hear this, was in fact, the working title before they settled on Stranger Things. Maybe if it had been on HBO, it could have had its real,edgier title.

We came up with this cool idea called Star Wars

Ah damn…this looks way better than the real Doctor Who title card!

Remember when Cousin Balki went missing?

Alternate universe Stranger Things written by a 14 year old.

It’s all about family…

You know Salinger would have loved it.


Bringing it all back home to the Stephen King-roots….

Some editorial thoughts about the show…

You can check out the Stranger Things font-generator right here.

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