Kyle Maclachlan Perfectly Adapts the Plot of 'Dune' in Emojis

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The most famous science fiction story of all time is easy to understand – so long as you’ve got Kyle Maclachlan hanging out on Twitter. When a fan tweeted at the actor to “explain” Dune to her, Maclachlan responded exclusively in emojis, detailing the plot of a dense and expansive science fiction novel in way that is maybe more comprehensible than reading the Frank Herbert book or watching any of the film adaptations.

Still, for those who have read the original novel, you’ll find plenty of excellent references in Maclachlan’s emoji adaptation of Dune. From the early references to Arrakis (Dune) being a world with very little water, to the “pain box” introduced in the early chapters, to several appearances of the epic sand worms, and the final duel between Paul Atreides (Muad’dib) and Feyd. Overall, perhaps the two best emoji-uses here are the little mouse face to represent the concept of Muad’dib (an outer-space kangaroo rat) and the chili-pepper to represent the all-important substance of “the spice.”

Best 'Dune' ever.

Of course, Kyle MacLachlan played Paul Atreides in David Lynch’s 1984 film adaptation of Dune which, depending on whom you ask, is either a classic science-fiction film, or a less-great version of the unrealized Alejandro Jodorowsky film, which was never made. In either case, no one can dispute neither the awesomeness of Kyle MacLachlan as Paul in Lynch’s Dune, nor the brilliance of his inspired emoji explanation of Dune. It might go without saying, but it seems obvious that Kyle MacLachlan is in fact, the Kwisatz Haderach IRL.

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