One Mod Will Change Your 'Fallout 4' Experience Forever

Hearing is believing.

Now that mods for Fallout 4 are finally becoming prevalent on consoles, you might be considering a dip back into the Commonwealth to see what enterprising amateur developers have to offer. Spoiler alert: a lot. Modders have been hard at work ensuring that players have plenty to mess around with in order to augment their experience. A big portion of those are mods that you’d expect, but there’s one place you should start no matter how you play the game: Towbie’s Realistic Weapon Sounds.

To be sure, Fallout 4 has an awesome soundtrack, and, by and large, that same level of quality extends to its in-game sound effects. When you tip toe through a puddle, there’s a satisfying sloshing sound. When a ghoul is storming toward you, his groans are so specific that you can almost feel his rotten breath on your neck. The same can’t be said for the game’s ballistic weapons.

When you pull the trigger in Fallout 4, you’re treated to a thin, almost tinny sound that doesn’t pack quite the punch you’d hope. Observe:

It’s an Easy Fix

One little download can erase this flaw completely. A modder who goes by the name of Towbie has not only accounted for the deficit, he’s elevated the game’s weapon sounds into one of it’s most immersive features.

Towbie’s sounds are deeper, more resonant, and more powerful all around. For the first time, Fallout 4’s weapon reports carry with them the true aural weight such weapons deserve.

Even cooler, the environments have a profound impact on the weapon’s sound. In cramped subway tunnels, heated gun battles become a cacophony of crashing booms that ricochet off the granite walls. In open fields, the sound of your gun shots clap loudly and echo into the distance.

For just 17 megabytes, you can breathe new life into your Fallout 4 game play. There are many new visual bits and bobs to behold, but makes sure to check out Realistic Weapon Sounds for a more complete Sole Survivor experience.

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