What Tesla's SolarCity Buyout Means for Future Tesla Owners

Prepare for a seamlessly integrated green lifestyle.

Getty Images / Sean Gallup

A Tesla and SolarCity merger would create a seamless, synergistic, entirely green lifestyle buying experience for future Tesla owners, Elon Musk explained in a Tesla Investor call Monday.

There has been some pushback on the deal since the plan was originally announced on July 21, but Musk has made it clear since his first Tesla “Master Plan” in 2006 that the company aims to provide solar energy to homes. In an announcement, Tesla has laid out the benefits for the Tesla consumer: it could save money, give energy security, and reduce carbon emissions in a system that “just works.”

Tesla wants to offer solar options to a consumer base that’s already interested in green energy — electric car owners. What’s more, combining the two companies allows the solar panels to be provided at a lower cost. Tesla devotees won’t need to look anywhere else for transportation and energy because one company will provide it all. Efficient transportation in a Tesla car, energy through Tesla/SolarCity solar panels, and energy storage in the Tesla PowerWall.

So why does one company have to offer all of this? After all, as one reporter noted during the call, General Motors never tried to acquire Exxon Mobil. But solar is a whole different game.

“You don’t want a gas station at your house,” Musk said.

The current integration of Tesla and SolarCity.


The buyout could accelerate solar and electric vehicle ownership by making it much easier and cheaper for people to make the switch to sustainable energy. What’s more, Tesla is going to be able to manufacture everything the two companies will need in its giant Gigafactory.

For future Tesla owners, this means that you are no longer just buying into a transportation lifestyle. You will be buying into an entire integrated Elon Musk sustainable lifestyle.

The news comes ahead of Tesla’s second-quarter earnings call, which takes place after the markets close on Wednesday.

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