Pokemon Go Player Hacks His Way to the Top 

Oh, how surprising, a cheater on Team Valor. 

Getty Images / Lam Yik Fei

In life, some find a golden ticket – others create their own. Today in Pokémon Go news, a hacker claims to have discovered a way to max out his (or her) levels and catch every currently available creature in the game. Going by the username “_problemz” on Reddit, one curious user decided to test the game’s now-infamous learning curve, which has plagued players since the start. From levels 1 to 20, players have a fairly normal learning curve of rising experience points that make it only slightly more difficult to advance. After 20, though the number of needed experience points double, and surges to a harsher, higher count with every step.

The player, who claims to be based in Germany, says that he decided to see just how many experience points it takes to reach the game’s highest level. Unfortunately, the details are a little hazy, and the only proof he has are screenshots:

_problemz on Reddit

The method then becomes a little hazy: “problemz_” says that he used 131 lucky eggs and what seems like a script bot to hit a total of 5500 PokeStops per hour and catch as many Pokémon as possible. The hacker visited no gyms and didn’t even leave the house to collect.

The user says that he beefed up almost all of his Pokémon using candies earned from catching so many at such a high rate. He went on to talk about what happened after he hit level 40, clarifying that things like Master Balls (which catch every Pokémon, guaranteed) are not available just yet. “I think it would be insane to make Level 40 a requirement to get the Masterball,” wrote _problemz. Look at the XP you need to earn.” The hacker says that he’s requested that Niantic delete his account now that the experiment is over, and says that he no longer has any interest in playing the game.

This could all be an elaborate hoax, but if it isn’t, the total number of XP needed to max out your player at the current moment is 5 million. Time to start walking, trainers.

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