Skrillex And Rick Ross's 'Suicide Squad' Song Is a Bad Trip

The new Skrillex and Rick Ross collaboration "Purple Lamborghini," which is on the 'Suicide Squad' soundtrack, explains the movie. 

Suicide Squad is a superhero movie that seems to be having an identity crisis. With its Hot Topic line of clothing and swag, its candy-bright posters emblazoned with cartoons, and dramatic trailers, it seems confused about whether its fans are the usual comic book movie crowd, an artsier crowd, or Avril Lavigne circa 2005. Luckily, Rick Ross and Skrillex have collaborated on a single for the film that clarify an intended tone.

Called “Purple Lamborghini,” the instrumentals are a mixture of jarring, atonal, and bouncy. Beats drop at random intervals like they’re being spun by a DJ who is drunk or distracted. The lyrics alternate between dark and intriguing (“don’t be begging for your life cause thats a lost cause/killers everywhere, aint no place to run”) and goofy — periodically shouting “Suicide Squad” and “Purple Lamborghini lurking!” – as if Rick Ross and Skrillex both took a detour into Channing Tatum’s tripping scene in 22 Jump Street.

In short, it’s a mixture of vaguely obnoxious yet weirdly kind of fun — much like the movie’s marketing. Will it be the song of the summer? Probably not, but at least it’s not Justin Timberlake’s Troll song.

Jared Leto as the Joker will appear in the ensuing music video, so, um, look out for that soon.

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