New 'Suicide Squad' Photo Offers a Glittery New Look At Joker, Harley

A new 'Suicide Squad' photo previews Common's character, Harley Quinn,  the Joker, lots of tattoos. 

A new set of Suicide Squad photos has been released by Entertainment Weekly. This comes fresh on the heels of that baffling and cringeworthy Margot Robbie Vanity Fair profile that quite impressively managed to insult the entire country of Australia, women, the idea of white savior narratives, and journalism all at once. And although the piece was ostensibly about Robbie’s career, the interview lingered on her sex scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street — which came out a few years ago — far more than Harley Quinn. These new photos fix that.

Now, most of them are repeats of photos you’ve already seen from slightly different angles, but this one stands alone – brand new and shiny:

Entertainment Weekly 

Common as Monster T, Jared Leto as The Joker, Margot Robbie as as Harley Quinn look like they’ve either taken a DeLorean to the 70s or they’re having a ball in a discotheque. Harley’s metallic harlequin-patterned dress is on-point and alleviates our costume concerns, Leto’s Joker is looking like he took a turn from the Gathering of the Juggalos into a mob movie, and there are tattoos everywhere. Literally everywhere. On Harley’s chest, on the Joker’s hand, on Monster T’s face.

But aside from advertising This Movie Is Edgy Yet Whimsical, there’s a reason behind Monster T’s facial tats. It’s very possible he’s got the intriguing power to make his tattoos physically manifest — meaning, that snake tat could come to life and attack an enemy.

Of course, it’s still possible David Ayer has a deep-seated love for Mike Tyson and was just keen to make Facial Tats: The Movie. Either way, this photo offers a very promising glimpse at summer’s unexpectedly highest-stake movie.

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