Would You Swim in This 300-Foot-High Skybridge Pool?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

American Copper Buildings

There are two new buildings going up in Manhattan that together, once complete, will blow your socks off. They’re the residential American Copper Buildings, filled with 761 luxurious residencies. But, most importantly, the two towers are connected by a three-story, 100-foot-long skybridge. Inside that skybridge is a freaking 75-foot-long pool. That pool is 300 feet up in the air.

The western tower will be about 70 feet taller than the 470-foot-tall eastern tower, but both are conjoined, by the skybridge, at the hip. No one’s built such a skybridge in Manhattan in over 80 years. The towers themselves will be copper-clad, which means they’ll start out with a penny’s sheen and gradually oxidize and change color. Neither tower stands up straight: They’re askew. (According to one of the developers, someone once mistakenly called the fire department to report that the buildings were falling down.)

The renderings are awe-inspiring, and the pool — replete with views of the East River and Manhattan skyline — will make you drool.

But that’s not all: these residences are going to be fit for kings and queens. Just take a gander at some of the other highlights:

  • Whirlpool hot tub in the skybridge
  • Residents’ bar and lounge in the skybridge
  • Private terraces on top of the skybridge
  • Rooftop infinity view pool with outdoor shower
  • Landscaped sky bar and open air lounge
  • Rooftop dining and grilling
  • Marble hammam with plunge pool
  • Yoga and Pilates studio
  • Private spa and treatment rooms
  • Double-height fitness center with climbing wall overlooking city skyline
  • Juice and health bar
  • Chef’s catering kitchen

SHoP Architects designed both the exterior and the interior. As the renderings demonstrate, they did a damn good job. Now, off to befriend a future resident at 626 First Avenue. The clock’s tickin’ — construction looks to be coming along nicely.