What Would a Young Thug and Future Tape Sound Like?

Future and Young Thug don't hate each other anymore. What would a full-length album sound like?

Getty Images / Paras Griffin

On Monday, June 27, following a couple of tweets and a Snapchat post by Young Thug collaborator, Wheezy (not to be confused with Lil Wayne), rumors began to surface of a Young Thug and Future collaboration album. The two Atlanta rappers have had a string of issues in the past, with the most recent exchange occurring in February when Thugga subtweeted Future about the EVOL album.

Although fans believed the two rappers were still beefing, Thugga appeared on “Who” off of the new Future and DJ Esco tape, Esco Terrestrial. We do not know when — or where — the song was actually recorded, but if these tweets are actually true, then we can probably expect more music from the two to drop sooner than later. Both rappers have experienced enormous success this past year with a long list of releases and features. If the two were to drop a tape together, then it might be big enough to rival the success of another, little known collaboration album, What a Time to Be Alive. Here are just a few things we could expect from a Young Thug and Future collab.

A distinctive, heavily ATL-influenced sound

Young Thug and Future each have a distinctive sound that many try to replicate (looking at you, Desiigner). However, the two remain heads and tails above every other person in the rap game. Yes, they are often criticized for their mumbling and incoherent words and phrases, but their styles blend together well, in theory.


The game was changed ever since rappers started getting featured on songs just to do ad libs. Future and Young Thug are known for their ad libs as much as their distinctive sound. Good ad libs do something to a song that cannot be explained. It turns a sub-par song into a banger.

The best production in the world

DJ Esco


Given that both Future and Young Thug trade in the genre’s hottest sounds, the go-to producers for both rappers are among the hottest in rap music. London on da Track and Metro Boomin have produced some of the hottest songs of the past two years, such as, “Hookah” and “Big Rings”, respectively. Not to mention, DJ Esco, a.k.a. The Coolest DJ in the World, has been making nonstop hits ever since he was released from a prison in Dubai. With their long discography and skill, a Thugga and Future tape is sure to be one of the most well produced albums in this generation of music.

A lot of songs — like, a whole lot



It sometimes feels as if Future will never run out of songs. This man has released so much music in the past two years that it almost seems unfair to other rappers who try to get their music played. Future is everywhere. Do not sleep on Young Thug, though. Slime Season and Slime Season 2 were released within a month of each other. He also dropped Slime Season 3 at the beginning of this year. It is no mistake that both of these men work hard and they deserve all the credit for the time they spend in the studio.

5. Anthems

Young Thug


Although some of the music made by both Future and Thug is either a hit or miss, they do have a habit of producing anthems. For now, we can only hope that the rumors are true. Since Future has a habit of unexpectedly dropping music, do not expect a formal announcement of any album. Just be prepared to download or stream if it ever happens.