Five Reasons to Be Psyched About the Nintendo NX

Although not much has been released for the system, there are still reasons to be super jazzed about the new console.

Nintendo has been pretty tight-lipped about its new system, not even giving us the console’s true name; the Nintendo NX moniker is merely a codename, as of now. What we know mainly has to deal with rumors, but if they’re true then this is definitely a system to look forward to, especially because the Wii U was such a total bob-omb.

Why should you, casual gamer, care about Nintendo’s next big project? We’ve compiled a few reasons that might strike your fancy.

You won’t have to backtrack to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Luckily, if you never felt the motivation to purchase a Wii U or decided to sell yours, you don’t have to go out and get one just for the new Zelda game. The newest iteration will be releasing for both the Wii U and the NX.

It’s potentially a console/handheld hybrid


We got to see a glimpse of this with the Wii U. Although the company wasn’t sure what they really wanted to do with it, the tablet portion of the Wii U was its main selling point, able to turn the game on and off the TV via the tablet.

It’s rumored, though, that the newest console will upgrade what the company tried with the past system and create a true hybrid between consoles. This makes sense, especially when considering the new Zelda game where Nintendo doubtfully revamped the NX version to exclude the dual-screen aspect. There is likely a system in which that feature is present.

It’s coming soon

Although we heard whispers of the system after the first announcement back in 2015, we expected it to come out this year. It’s definitely not far off from the prediction, but the official launch date is March of 2017.

There will be more games available at launch

One of the reasons that the system was pushed to March of 2017 instead of releasing around the busy holiday season is because the company wants more games available at launch. According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, he expects this system to last for years, unlike the current system, which is going to quickly peter out.

Nintendo knows they screwed up with the Wii U, so it’ll definitely be better than that

Nintendo realizes that their Wii U was a total bust. Because it most definitely was, selling only 12 million consoles in comparison to the 101 of the Wii.

Nintendo is known for being pretty innovative with its systems, and while the Wii U failed to make any grand gestures in creativity and design, I think that Nintendo will run with this new console.

If the new Zelda is at all indicative of the company updating their previously tried-and-true formula, then we will be crossing our fingers for an updated Star Fox, Metroid, and Mario. Shigeru Miyamoto even said that the company would plan for a new Mario game for the system that would similarly push the boundaries of the franchise as with the Breath of the Wild. This will be exciting for Mario fans because the last Mario title was Mario Maker, which was just a level creation game.

We have a lot to look forward to with this new system. Shigeru Miyamoto also stated that we haven’t heard a lot of news yet for the NX because “there’s an idea we’re working on.” Nintendo wants to finish whatever this mysterious idea is and sometime later this year we should hear more about the system.

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