8 Minor Characters We'd Love to Play in 'Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Imagine it, the freedom to play as odd fan favorites.

Warner Bros. Interactive

The Lego games are, frankly, some of the best franchise games around. The strength of the Lego brand gives the company access to some of the most popular characters, from Marvel to Star Wars. They’ve always used the strength of brand to create imaginative open world adventures. The company will next apply this winning formula to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Star Wars Lego games often indulge in humorous revisionism. These games , more often than not, adapt the story, but replace some key moments with a little slapstick humor. Beyond that, the main draw of the Lego games is how they expand the source material, often letting players command a huge expanded cast of characters, each with their own skills and abilities. These abilities are, of course, in Lego form, but they make for some compelling gameplay, and fun side-quests.

Since it’s almost certain that Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have multiple, playable characters, we’ve run down a few of the supporting characters we’d like to play, and perhaps have a few adventures with.

Razoo Qin-Fee, Tasu Leech, and Crokind ShandWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Lucasfilms

Razoo Qin-Fee, Tasu Leech, and Crokind Shand

While the trio of space pirates who, after Han Solo and Chewbacca, met an untimely end at the hands of a terrifyingly tentacled Rathar beast – and their portrayal by the Indonesian stars of The Raid made them a fun cameo. No doubt that given the chance to duke it out with Han and Chewie, the marauding group of bandits could easily show off a little bit of that Raid style action. To see that action in Lego form, though? That would be something else entirely.

TR-8RWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Lucasfilms

FN-2199, or TR-8R

Dubbed TR-8R by fans before being revealed to be named FN-2199 (“The Nines”), 2199 made quite the impression barging in on the battlefield with his electric baton/sword. More than that, he had the gall to take on a lightsaber. If he’s not playable in some form or another in the upcoming Lego game, I’ll be pissed.

Captain PhasmaWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Lucasfilms,

Captain Phasma

I am loathed to put her on this list of minor characters, but facts are facts. Despite her status and rank, her appearance in the film left much to be desired. Appearing for only brief snippets of time before being relegated into the trash compactor, we’re told that Phasma will be getting a much warranted, expanded role in Episode VIII. Until then, we can hope to have at least one not-garbage-chute adventure as the high-ranking soldier.

Lor Sen Tekka, CapturedWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Lucasfilms,

Lor San Tekka

Basically a glorified map holder, Lor San Tekka appears for all about 10 minutes before fulfilling his mission and getting killed by the First Order. Still, Max Von Sydow is not usually a presence to be wasted, and if we can have any kind of solo adventure in the Lego Star Wars game, I would hope it’s a short adventure with Tekka. Maybe a humorous adventure on how he came to acquire the map with Luke Skywalker’s wherabouts in the first place.

Admiral AckbarWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Lucasfilms,

Admiral Ackbar

Remember how Admiral Ackbar was in Episode VII, and all the kids yelled “It’s a trap!”? No? That might just have only been my showing, and the “kids” might just have been me. Either way, Admiral Ackbar/Alien Meme returned in Episode VII to show that he still knew how to take on any fascist force in the galaxy.

It would be silly not to include the renowned general in the Lego Star Wars game, especially since his inclusion in the film is basically a gimme for any company who has a licensing deal with Disney. Imagine the crossover potential between Star Wars fans, and internet meme enthusiasts.

Black SquadronMarvel Comics

Black Squadron

Poe Dameron’s gang of spaceship pilots saved the day more than once in The Force Awakens. Getting a chance to step away from Poe Dameron himself and run a few missions as the heroes who destroy Starkiller Base could be a fun side adventure for players looking to explore different pilots in the galaxy. Whether it’s lovable rogues like L’ulo and Kare Kun, or the more level-headed members Snap Wexley and Jess Pava (characteristics were assigned at the whim of the author), you might find a pilot you like more than Poe Dameron, though that’s not likely.