Mark Zuckerberg Tapes up His Laptop Mic and Camera

One of the world's top tech CEOs is as paranoid as you are about hackers monitoring his activity, and he solves it the same way, too.

Getty Images / David Ramos

Let’s face it: the founder of Facebook might have considerably more to hide than your Uncle who swears the FBI is monitoring him. Still, Mark Zuckerberg’s daily practices might overlap with your hypothetical relative (whose hypothetical Facebook page is likely a riot) in ways you might not expect. While celebrating Instagram’s latest milestone of 500-million monthly users, something seemed a bit off about Zuckerberg’s work space.

Upon a closer look, several folks caught sight of tape over not only Zuckerberg’s laptop camera, but his microphone. Who could have guessed that the tech billionaire could be so much like the average Joe? Anyone who suffered from the latest TeamViewer hack might have an easy answer for that one.

Mark Zuckerberg/Instagram

While it’s pretty obvious that scotch tape isn’t the least of Zuckerberg’s security measures, it certainly does make the tech billionaire seem more human – as much as he can possibly be while posing within a cardboard square. Gizmodo went on to confirm that the Macbook and work space definitely belong to Zuckerberg, so this is definitely not a random employee’s desk or hardware.


After the latest mass hack on TeamViewer, the measure isn’t one that’s too far out of left field, either. Hackers with the right passwords can gain easy access to anyone’s computer if they have apps like these involved, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Most hacks like these (including the latest one) generally focus on getting information out of the computer — including Paypal and other logins — but the trouble wouldn’t stop there if someone happened to know any vital information about their victim. The potential for a hacker to listen in on conversations,or even take quick, creepy photos of their victim is high. At Zuckerberg’s level of visibility, that can spell trouble, especially on a laptop that he likely uses around the office.