Kanye West Continues to Be the George Lucas of Hip-Hop (Only More Humble)

With his latest alteration to 'The Life of Pablo,' has Kanye West become a bigger revisionist than the creator of Star Wars?

If Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo was a Star Wars movie instead of a rap album, then at this point, he’s entering the territory of the heavily modified Special Editions where Greedo shoots first. As of yesterday, West pulled the album from the streaming service Tidal, and then promptly re-released it, complete with an all-new track: “Saint Pablo.”

According to Vulture, this is part of West’s effort to “refresh” The Life of Pablo, a process which began this past spring when West and his label Def Jam announced that “updates” and “new iterations” of the album would emerge. This latest new track seems like proof that Kanye West will never be done messing with this particular album, meaning, it might be bothering him the same way the classic Star Wars trilogy bothered George Lucas.

Still, other than the fact that Star Wars movies and rap albums are totally different mediums, something else sets Kanye West apart from George Lucas: his humility and openness about his public revision process. Yeah. Thats right. Kanye West is more humble than George Lucas, and I’m not even kidding.

For George Lucas, changing Star Wars in public was a process of retroactively claiming he was right all along. In a 2012 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lucas said this ot the infamous debate over whether or not Han or Greedo shot first: “I was just trying to clear up confusion.”

On the other side, you’ve got this Twitter statement from Kayne West back in March “Everyone makes mistakes. I just make them in public.” Kanye’s not blaming anyone else for what is or isn’t finished about The Life of Pablo, which makes him a billion times more down-to-Earth than George Lucas.

Who’s ready for the one-on-one revisionism debate between Lucas and Kanye? More interestingly, if you think Han shot first, do you like the first version of The Life of Pablo better than the latest iteration? Star Wars fans continued to consume every single version of the modified trilogy. So, how long will Kanye fans keep buying The Life of Pablo?