Hulu VR App Adds '12 Monkeys'-themed Viewing Environment for Oculus Rift

The first show-themed viewing environment shows us where 2D content in VR is headed.


Today, Hulu released its first show-themed viewing space for the Hulu VR app on Oculus Rift. Modeled after the Temporal Facility from 12 Monkeys, the viewing environment is aimed at making audiences feel like they’re inside the show –while they’re watching it. Housing the time machine from the Syfy show, the viewing space isn’t just a static one, but includes animated elements rendered in real-time.

Hulu’s VR app (along with the other content streaming apps made for VR headsets) give us a clear picture of an emerging use of consumer VR: in-home viewing. While most headset owners are still gamers, the development of viewing environments that are much more exciting and impressive than your average living-room setup is likely going to be a big part of where VR is headed in terms of viewing exist content on VR platforms — at least, in the immediate future.

Watching 2D content in a headset doesn’t necessarily give you the feeling of being inside of the scene onscreen, but these viewing environments do give you the feeling of being in another place altogether, whether it’s a really rich person’s living room, a movie theater, the moon, or 12 Monkeys’s Temporal Facility.

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