Steve Zaillian’s ‘The Night Of’ Puts John Turturro On The Trail of a Killer

HBO is heating up the summer with the planned July 10 release of ‘The Night Of’.


Yesterday evening, HBO released the first trailer for its upcoming limited series, The Night Of. The John Turturro vehicle from the mind of Steve Zaillian (writer of classics like Schindler’s List and Moneyball) is set to release on July 10.

Written in large part by Zaillian and Richard Price (who has writing credits on The Wire), The Night Of follows a young man (Riz Ahmed) who’s been accused of the grizzly stabbing death of a woman he’d slept with the night before. Turturro steps in as the guy’s legal council, stumbling onto a case that’s more layered than it first appears. Based on the 2008 BBC series Criminal Justice, The Night Of plans to focus on the police investigation and legal proceedings after the murder, with special attention paid to the hardships Ahmed’s character encounters while waiting things out at Riker’s Island. Check out the trailer right here.

Folks, this is undeniably exciting information. Zaillian has been behind the scripts for some of the most thought-provoking, socially conscious cinema in the last 20 years. He has a unique way of translating real world issues into an engaging story. Backed by Price and Criminal Justice creator Peter Moffat, Zaillian is in excellent creative company.

In front of the screen, Turturro’s name pretty much stands on its own, while Riz Ahmed, who previously backed up Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, is a name you may not recognize. Judging by the young man’s talent, though, that won’t be an issue for too long.

Expect slow-burning intrigue when Zaillian, Turturro and the rest tackle the criminal justice system in The Night Of this July.

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