'Quake Champions' Trailer Promises High-Speed e-Sport Arena Bloodbath 

Yes, please. 

Longtime fans of Quake will have much to savor in the new trailer for Quake Champions, the first main entry in the series since 2005. With more than six years of graphics advances since Quake Live, and over a decade after Quake 4, Champions promises to update the franchise for 2016. Targeting 120 FPS rendering, Bethesda is hoping its new class of warriors and skills will arrive just in time to burst onto the burgeoning e-Sports scene.

Competition to become one of the games that lands a lucrative endorsement deal from the likes of Nike and ESPN is currently at its toughest, but Champions is clearly poised to compete.

The first trailer for the game looks almost like a sample highlight reel from a highly competitive battle – that witnesses much clever dodging but also plenty of entertaining death. By its end, the trailer has introduced and killed off just about every character class in the game, and the diversity of destructions suggests the game is rarely the same twice.

For a game to succeed in e-Sports, it will have to be both broadly accessible and highly specialized. It will need a large fan base and a crew of experts who know all the tricks and are able to create fresh kills out of the same-old tactics. With machines guns, lasers, and even a Dragon Ball Z-like ball of energy, Champions seems to offer some of the most divergent character classes we’ve seen in a long time.

The trailer certainly leaves us plenty to think about, and, for fans, lots to churn the imagination. It’s high-speed, the graphics are killer, and the mutant monsters carry guns the size of small cars. It’s all promising — to say the least.