The Making Of Lil Boom's 'Fuck Steph Curry'

Everything we know about Lil Boom's viral, Steph-dissing hit.

The hate for Steph Curry is real, and it gets realer with every game of the NBA Finals.

A prime example of how heated the NBA Finals (Warriors vs. Cavaliers) is getting is Lil Boom’s song, “Fuck Steph Curry,” released early May, directed at, you guessed it, Golden State Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry.

In the track, produced by Tay Fuego, the West Orlando rapper (reportedly born Oscar Robertson) proclaims his love for Kobe Bryant (by comparing himself to the retired, legendary Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard) and disdain for Steph Curry. And by disdain, we mean spitting explicit, disrespectful lines directed at Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry and calling one of his daughters ugly as fuck,” and other craziness.

“Fuck Steph Curry” is a freestyle that Lil Boom recorded “on his bed.” When talking to DJ Akademiks on Twitch TV, he said that he recorded “Fuck Steph Curry” by accident.

“It wasn’t supposed to be a song… I had got my own laptop and mic. I was on on my bed, and wanted to see how it worked on my autotune…I made that ‘Fuck Steph Curry’ song in one take, on my bed. I had the record button by accident, trying to press play.”

Its catchy, repetitive hook, and internet culture’s love for hate, has helped the song permeate several social media platforms, with fans performing the song on Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine. The original song has 1.01 million plays on SoundCloud. Many have also compared it to Lil B’s “Fuck Kevin Durant,” another eager-to-hate track that picked up steam online.

Here’s one point he does make, though: While Curry is known for shooting threes, he doesn’t go for layups where because if he tries to “take it to the hole/ getcha ass blocked.”

While Lil Boom has released an extended version and part two, he doesn’t want to take it too far such as record a similar track about another player. “I don’t want to go to far with it, like a troll,” he told DJ Akademiks. He also doesn’t plan to release a video because “it would make me look like a diss rapper which I’m not.”

It seems like Lil Boom has corrected the song’s annotations on Genius seeing that he plugged all his social media outlets, and makes it clear that “THIS IS A FAKE DISS TRACK. THIS IS ALL FOR FUN.”

The viral non-diss track diss track isn’t the only music by Lil Boom that’s readily available. Lil Boom released an introductory EP titled Who Is Lil Boom? last month. If you feel a kinship to him, don’t worry: there’s more merch coming your way.