How To Access The 'Dead By Daylight' Beta Tonight

The blood flows when night falls.

The hotly anticipated (and very horrific) game Dead By Daylight, from Behavior Interactive and Starbreeze Studios, is set for a release on June 14. We played the beta at PAX East; trust us, this thing is going to leave you with chills and sweaty palms. If you’re looking to feel the pain, check out the game’s beta site, which opens for users every evening at 6pm EST.

At first, the site looks like a DNS error page… until the screen flickers, and several creepy messages flash on and off. “THE BLOOD FLOWS WHEN NIGHT FALLS,” the screen tells us. “THE KILLERS HUNT AS THE SUN SETS.”

Here’s the deal: users can receive a free beta key to play once the site’s live, if they’re able to “save” another player. The Dead By Daylight subreddit has organized a megathread for those looking to save other users, and it lights up every night when the beta awakens.

What’s exciting about Dead By Daylight – in particular, for those of us who salivated at the release of Friday The 13th: The Game and Until Dawn – is the game’s recreation of the ultimate “slasher film” question: when a sicko starts killing off your friends in the woods, is it every man for himself, or do you help your peers escape, at your own risk? Though Dead By Daylight rewards players for working cooperatively, it also leaves a great deal of wiggle room for players who want to suddenly break off on their own. You can also, notably, play in first person as the killer — if you and your friends elect to play as survivors, that gameplay is framed in third person.

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