8 Nintendo Movies We All Deserve, From A Feature Length 'Starfox' to 'Metroid'

Nintendo's getting into the movie business, so hopefully these additions will hit theaters before long


Recently, Nintendo has announced that they’ve wanted to try their hand at making feature-length films and bringing their beloved video game characters to the big screen. Not surprising that the company would like to dive into the genre of filmmaking, especially with the rise in video game movies lately, but now that the possibility of seeing our childhood heroes in a movie theater or even just without a controller in our hands has got us thinking about which franchises would be great as films. Here are some video games that we think would be great to transfer over into the new medium.


This series, originally released as Mother in Japan in 1989, would be a great one for kids, especially because all of the characters are. And having a movie about magic-wielding psychic children with baseball bats and yo-yos would make for a very entertaining movie that would entice any audience with its tales of aliens, friendship, and exploration.

‘Banjo and Kazooie’

Animals as your protagonists is always a staple in many animated films, so Banjo and Kazooie will fit right in with a movie about their adventures to stop the evil Gruntilda. Originally released for the N64, this game has plenty of fans that will leap at the chance to see their heroes resurrected, even if it is for the big screen instead of the console. And with content that relates so heavily to music, composers for this one would definitely be able to stroke a few more piano keys to come up with the folksy and playful soundtrack that fans expect.

‘Super Mario Bros.’

This one is definitely a given and for good reason. Not only is Mario the most well-known character for Nintendo, but the entire series has a huge selection of characters that can get their own movies, as well, including old characters like Yoshi and newer additions like Rosalina. The world of Mario is a vast one that contains the opportunity for boundless adventures, heartwarming stories, and entertaining characters.

‘A Boy in His Blob’

This one has a lot of potential to have another adorable sidekick as animated movies are wont to do. In this video game released for the NES in 1989 and then reimagined in 2009, a boy befriends an alien blob, and they both work together to save the blob’s home planet. Animators could have a lot of fun bringing this goopy glob that can change into almost any shape to life.


A kick-ass bounty hunter, aliens, and space battles – all of these would be absolutely amazing for a movie, and with such a financially successful franchise such as this, it wouldn’t be a wasted effort. After originally releasing in 1986 and having eleven different releases since then, the Metroid franchise has sold around 20 million copies of its games, so tapping into that interest with a film definitely would open up an avenue to expand upon the well-loved series of bright orange metallic suits and large dragon-like enemies.

‘Kid Icarus’

With angels, demons, feathered wings, and self-righteous heroes, a movie for this series would definitely be a fantastic adventure, especially with the resurgence of Icarus’ character after the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in 2008.

‘Legend of Zelda’

This one, while everyone would be extremely excited about, might not come to be because then Nintendo would finally have to give a voice to Link. But if the company did and he and Zelda and Ganondorf were duking it out in Hyrule Fields, I don’t even think the Link loyalists that are adamant that he never speak would complain. The series is rife with politics, action, romance, friendship, and – of course – adventure. And with Link always being reincarnated throughout the years, the creators never have to worry about a certain time period becoming stale; they can just switch to the next hero and start a new adventure.

‘Star Fox’

Nintendo has started their dabbling with animation with Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins which released one day before the game this year in April. It’s a 15-minute short film that preludes the events of the game and gives us a taste of what a full movie will be like. And it’s pretty awesome. We can only hope for more soon.

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