'Overwatch''s Calvary Has Arrived; Social Media Reacts

Blizzard's new multiplayer shooter, 'Overwatch,' has captivated the gaming audience for over a year -- now, it's time to save the world.


One of the stand-out themes of Overwatch is the game’s keen focus on hope. Along with a rich narrative that exists through the game, short films, and comics, Overwatch has been a step in the right direction for Blizzard. While the beta had its faults, fan excitement has raged on for the past month, and that hope has resonated throughout the community leading up to today’s release.

Overwatch’s servers went live earlier today, and as anticipated, they couldn’t withstand the massive number of players who were attempting to log on.

Then, the restlessness set in:

Still, some players had better luck than others.

Overwatch will not feature a season pass — instead, Blizzard has opted for micro-transactions via loot boxes, which contain an array of add-ons including character skins that update periodically. A few fans began to notice what that meant after a while.

Once the matches began, players eagerly sharing their best plays and experiences.

Overwatch wasn’t just a hit on social media; Conan O’Brien spotlighted it by forcing Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey to play.

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