Snapchat Debuts 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Filters: It's Lit

Now you can look like your favorite X-Man and buy tickets to the movie while you're at it.


Snapchat today debuted a set of filters that let you become your favorite X-Men character ahead of Friday’s premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse.

In respect to unearthing every important bit of culture out there, I sat down in a crowded coffee shop to try out all the X-Men filters Snapchat has to offer, making wild expressions at my phone in a public space.

You can be Cyclops, Mystique, Beast, and Storm, among others, as well as villains Apocalypse or Magneto.

Optic Blast!

That's so Mystique

Couldn’t decide if the Mystique filter made me look more like a smurf or something out of James Cameron’s Avatar.

This one is genuinely terrifying.

You know what happens to a frog when it gets hit by lightning?

If I could save time in a bottle~

Charles Xavier: Mind Freak

Trying to grab all these filters actually crashed my phone a couple times.

Welcome to die!

; D

Apocalypse Now

Snapchat’s branded filters aren’t the only X-Men: Apocalypse feature the app offers its users, though.

According to Business Insider, using the app plays a short preview of the film. Swiping up will redirect users to relevant film information and a chance to buy movie tickets, right from the app. Snapchat isn’t suddenly in the ticketing business as they’re simply hosting vendors like Fandango or MovieTickets, but Snapchat is giving users the chance to do it all directly from its app.

Snapchat quickly evolved from its fun, photo messaging origins to become something of a cultural juggernaut. Snapchat provides original content from some of the world’s biggest media producers directly to your app, as well as live feed events from around the globe.

For its part, Fox has been pretty on-point with viral marketing, first with their retro, ‘80s homage starring Jubilee. Now, it is utilizing everyone’s favorite face-swap service to bring X-Men to everybody on Snapchat.

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