Tesla's Model S Light-Up Charger Is Another Rainbow-Themed Easter Egg

Is this the "hubris" Elon Musk complained about?

Tesla Motors Fans

Tesla has a thing for flashing, rainbow colored lights. A video making the rounds among Tesla owners shows that the charging port will light up and flash like an EDM basement party if the charging button is pressed 10 times in quick succession. Useless? Yes. Delightful to large numbers of Tesla Model S and Model X owners? Also yes.

Just last month, Elon Musk dropped a cryptic “more cowbells” reference in a tweet. Soon after, drivers learned that a Mario Kart Rainbow Road screen takes over when the autopilot function is quickly hit four times in a row.

Musk is clearly a fan of quick taps and bright psychedelic colors. At least enough of a fan that he will spend money on flashing lights even though Tesla will once again fail to make a profit this year.

Perhaps this what Musk meant by a bunch of “hubris” slowing down Model X production. Regardless, he has proven himself the Toucan Sam of the automobile world.

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