Here's What Finn Was Up to Before the Force Awoke

Plus, check out four other short films that round out what Rey, Poe, Han, Maz, Chewie, and more were doing before the new movie. 

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Everything in media comes down to corporate synergy. Why explain the backstory of any particular Star Wars character in a feature film when you can tell that same story using CGI-animated Lego bricks instead? That appears to be the logic behind a series of animated short films collectively called LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises, all of which tell the stories of The Force Awakens characters like Han Solo, Kylo Ren, Finn, Poe, Rey, BB-8, and Maz Kanata, before the events of the film itself.

The first episode, Poe to the Rescue, which stars the Lego-ized versions of Oscar Isaac’s dashing Resistance pilot and C-3PO, debuted in February. The latest entry in the series, Attack of the Conscience, illustrates Finn’s preparations to partake in the battle on Jakku.

Here’s the official synopsis, which shows FN-2187 (as he was named before Poe bestowed on him his actual name) willfully sitting out some First Order battle maneuvers before we get to see him in The Force Awakens:

“In the days before the First Order attack on Jakku that kicks off The Force Awakens, CAPTAIN PHASMA trains her troops for the assault. Cheering his friends on from the sidelines is FINN, who longs to fight for the First Order. When an accident makes that possible, Finn leaps at the chance to become a full-fledged Stormtrooper, only to have second thoughts… and third, fourth and fifth thoughts about their mission to attack the innocent people of Jakku. As our story ends, Finn is well on his way to becoming the hero of conscience we all root for in The Force Awakens.”

As you can see, the overly goofy nature of these animations means the stories probably aren’t Star Wars canon, but they could still plausibly be officially acknowledged segments of the overall story. The rest of the films also fudge around with characters who we’ve previously seen, but didn’t know were potential characters in the sequel trilogy. Lando Calrissian shows up as an ally of Maz Kanata in the third short, called Hunting for Han, which begs the question: are we to believe he’ll show up in the movies sometime later, just because of these Lego short films?

Take a look at the rest of the shorts to see if you can spot any other new details.

Poe to the Rescue

“With the help of C-3PO and BB-8, pilot Poe Dameron devises a plan to rescue of one of the Resistance’s most important leaders, Admiral Ackbar, from Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.”

The Trouble with Rathtars

“HAN SOLO and CHEWBACCA have their hands full with a pack of misbehaving Rathtars as they attempt to transport their carnivorous cargo to a rendezvous with Bala Tik the pirate. Things go from bad to worse when First Order TIE Fighters pull the freighter over, forcing Han to think quick and somehow save his skin from the First Order and the rampaging creatures.

Hunting for Han

“At the castle of pirate MAZ KANATA (the gathering spot for A-list Scum and Villainy across the galaxy) Maz prepares to trade with scurvy pirate BALA TIK. Bala Tik’s demands that Maz reveal the location of Han Solo, whom Bala Tik accuses of cheating him out of his Rathtars. As it happens, every unsavory character there has a beef with Han, and soon the Han-haters erupt in a brawl that stops when a mysterious OLD COOT sends the angry Scum on a wild goose chase after Han.”

Rey Strikes Back

“On remote Jakku, REY strives to make ends meet by scavenging ruined Star Destroyers, but the heartless trader UNKAR PLUTT isn’t making it easy for her. Angry at what he perceives as Rey’s ingratitude, Plutt sends henchmen to steal her cherished Tank Speeder. The two not-so-bright baddies meet their match in the determined Rey, who stops at nothing to get her beloved “Bumper” back.”
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