New 'Outcast' Trailer Promises A Smarter, More Fucked Up Robert Kirkman Story

'The Walking Dead' is great and all, but 'Outcast' will beat the series at its own horrifying survival game

A full trailer for Cinemax’s upcoming Outcast drama hit the internet this morning, and the show is looking pretty damn gorgeous.

Imagine, if you will, The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman after several years of writing for television, armed with prestige TV funding and the strongest actor from HBO’s Oz, telling a story more sinister and more nuanced than he did in The Walking Dead.

Outcast, as the first trailer reveals, seems to utilize the aesthetic from Kirkman’s comic to create more gloriously colorful, tense and focused show than The Walking Dead. Kirkman is about to morph into more than a guy with a great idea, and define himself as a master horror storyteller.

This Outcast trailer shows off some of Cinemax’s artistic flair, spinning its cameras above the small town where protagonist Kyle Barnes discovers his unique bond with demons. The trailer also affirms that Outcast is not, simply, “the demon show, you know, from the guy who wrote the zombie show.” The titles proclaim, “possession is just the beginning,” indicating that the drama will likely follow the storyline currently being explored in Kirkman’s comics: that Kyle is not just a gifted exorcist. His nature is entwined with demonic possession, and as he learns about himself, he begins to understand that our world has long been occupied by demons. The longer demons live inside us, the harder it is to extract them without damaging the human host.

Outcast will premiere on Cinemax June 3. Outcast, issue 19 will hit comic book stands July 27, and the third collected paperback edition is due out June 19th.

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