Wait, What 'Racist Slurs' Did Gigi Hadid Say?

Aziz Ansari knows something we don't. Or does he? 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

What did Gigi Hadid say? Aziz Ansari made a guest appearance on Gigi Hadid’s Snapchat account while at this year’s Met Gala, and it’s causing quiet an uproar on social media. In a Vine of one of Gigi’s Snapchat clips (Gigi had taken over the Tommy Hilfiger Snapchat account) that has since been deleted — captured by PopCrave — Aziz asks Gigi, “You didn’t post the part where you were saying all those racist slurs, did you?” insinuating that she had spewed racist slurs prior to Snapchat-ing.

This somewhat minor internet kerfuffle spells out the tension between someone who has a huge online audience (Hadid) versus someone who has a big presence in the media (Ansari). While Gigi Hadid’s fans focus on how much her manicure costed ($2,000 by the way), others are wondering if Aziz was joking or not as the outrage builds. Gigi’s fan base lives on social media, especially on Instagram, so choosing to reject or neglect the report (whether he was joking or not) may be more effective than Aziz’s fans talking about it.

As Aziz is a comedian, some are thinking that he was simply joking and asking if he wasn’t, why would she post the clip then?

But was he joking? Gigi definitely turns to Aziz shocked and speechless (and she stops posing and touching her lips, so you know something’s up). Questions on questions that have we may not get answered unless Aziz comments (and hopefully not on Snapchat).