Jared Leto and the Evil Clown Renaissance

We've seen many interpretations of the Joker, but Jared Leto suggests that his is a departure.

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From Jack Nicholson to Mark Hamill, and from Heath Ledger to Cesar Romero, the Joker’s had a lot of faces and his share of interpretations. But there’s a new version of the Joker getting ready to hit theaters in August with Suicide Squad. While we know some of what to expect when it comes to the character that continues to be a favorite of fans and filmmakers, Jared Leto suggested that the Joker we’ll see come August is going to be different from the rest.

In an interview with Coming Soon Leto was asked about Joker’s origin story. He said he wasn’t sure he was allowed to talk much about it, but he did talk a little bit about breaking new ground with Suicide Squad.

“But we walked in a completely new direction,” Leto said. “I think we knew that we had to do that. It was important to do that. When the Joker has been done and done so well, it gives you a bit of an indication of where you shouldn’t go. There’s a bit of a map there. That’s the good part about it.”

We’ve made some suggestions regarding Leto’s take on the Joker, but knowing that Hamlet served as something of an inspiration for the character’s reinvention, we’re excited to see where Leto took it.

Suicide Squad is slated for theatrical release on August 5th, 2016.

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