Watch Prince Cover David Bowie's "Heroes"

Prince's last live show included a tribute to another late icon.

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Prince’s death, Thursday, at age 57 sent a shockwave of grief around the world. Prince fans (i.e. everyone) everywhere donned purple, played their favorite tracks, and fondly revisited his tremendous, and deeply impactful career.

Prince covered the late David Bowie at his final performance — April 14 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. According to Setlist.fm, Prince opened his second encore with a cover of the Bowie song from 1977.

In a clip from an earlier performance in March, Prince sits at the piano in front of a kaleidoscopic background and launches into a moving and evocative rendition of Bowie’s “Heroes,” which seems all too fitting, since David Bowie was another one of rock’s most iconic and beautiful weirdos.

Bowie’s death in January drove a stake through the collective heart of music fans everywhere. Following his loss, many artists paid tribute in the form of covers, and Prince was among them.

This wasn’t the first time since Bowie’s death that Prince had paid tribute to the Starman, but it would end up being his last.

Here’s Prince covering the song in late March:

Rest in purple, Prince. Heres to hoping there’s a piano and a David Bowie duet wherever you are.