'Pocket Mortys' Update From Adult Swim Games Gives You Even More Mortys

Adult Swim Games has unleashed a new load of 'Rick and Morty' gameplay

We love Adult Swim’s Pocket Mortys, the Rick & Morty handheld game featuring a Pokemon style game world. In the game, Rick attempts to battle through hundreds of quests to collect inter-dimensional Morty variations and battle his way back to the Council of Ricks. It make a lot of sense to enslave and army of young boys and make them fight each other for your pleasure if you watch the show. Or if you just like drinking and being awful in general. Again, we love it.

Today’s free spring update to the game (1.02) bring with it the following updates:

10 NEW Mortys - available both in the wild (though will only appear after certain badge requirements are met) and via Blips and Chitz machines
NEW attack type - Paralyze
NEW item to cure Paralyze status and new item to cure status ailments and Morty health
Quick crafting from the Recipe Menu, because so many of you requested it and it is awesome
Caught indicator during battles so you can see if you’ve already got a particular Morty
Tap anywhere to skip dialogue - it’s not just that one button area anymore
Bug Fixes (of course) and More!

Yeah, I they said Pizza Morty. A whole Morty made out of pizza. That’s a thing now. Like, hey. Pizza. Pizza Morty. You see why… you see why burp why that’s a good thing, don’t cha readers? It means burp there is no God, readers. You get it?

Also the new quick crafting system and touch anywhere to skip button are much welcomed improvements on the game. We can’t back to dive back in and see what madness the update brings.

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