In 'Passengers', Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Hook Up in Space

Last night, CinemaCon saw footage of ‘Passengers’, a romantic science fiction film due out this Christmas.


Last night at CinemaCon Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt stole the show with footage from their romantic science fiction film, Passengers.

According to Variety, Passengers finds Pratt and Lawrence as the sole conscious occupants of a space ship making a 120 million year voyage to a new human colony in space. After an error in their hibernation pods causes the unlikely duo to wake up prematurely, they find they’re still a lifetime away from their destination with only each other and some on board machines to keep them company.

Don’t expect a somber trip through the recesses of space, though. Vanity Fair said that Sony Pictures boss Tom Rothman opened his conference by exclaiming, “The original script for Passengers was as compelling as any one I’ve ever read,” said Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman by means of introduction. “To me it is both intimate and epic . . . and that required two exceptional actors, particularly given the emotional and action gauntlet that the characters must run.”

Joking about their dorky lines and hamming it up with one another, the chemistry between the two young stars was palpable and playful. At one point, Pratt accidentally dropped his mic on Lawrence’s foot. By all accounts, the assembled press seemed to think that Pratt and Lawrence were exactly as charming in the lead roles as you’d hope.

The sci-fi adventure is being directed by Morten Tyldum, the man who delivered the goods in 2014’s The Imitation Game, for which he scored a Best Director Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley proved that he’s incredibly deft at handling unusual relationships. The film was penned by relative newcomer Jon Spaihts, whose first writing credit was 2011’s The Darkest Hour, which got less than stellar reviews. He was also credited on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Regardless, he must have really shown something special in the last few years, because Hollywood is betting on him in a big way; in addition to Passengers, he’s credited with the screenplays for Doctor Strange, the Pacific Rim sequel, and two of the Universal monster reboots, Van Helsing and The Mummy.

Theres a lot to be excited for with this Oscar bait romantic adventure, and you can bet the Passengers hype train is just getting started. This will definitely be one to keep an eye on as it nears its holiday 2016 release date.

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