Kindle Oasis May Have 20-Month Battery: Read 'Infinite Jest' in One Charge

According to Reddit, anyway.

by Kastalia Medrano

Details of the new Amazon Kindle device, reportedly called Kindle Oasis, leaked online Monday in advance of an official announcement by CEO Jeff Bezos. The specs are cool, and we’ll get there in a sec, but the craziest nugget from the leaked designs is that the rechargeable battery case could allow for 20 continuous months of standby use.

People were speculating that the name “Oasis” might refer to a waterproof design (which doesn’t appear to be the case), but it seems fairly obvious that the name alludes to the fact that, should you and your Kindle find yourself stuck on a desert island, the thing would absolutely outlive you. That four-volume, 3,000-page Lyndon Johnson biography my mom keeps trying to get me to read? Done. At whatever distant day in the future William Vollmann finally finishes the Seven Dreams series, I will be just so ready for him. No excuses.

According to the leaked designs, the Oasis will be thinner, lighter, and brighter than previous models


Of course, there’s still a chance this could be fake, but the whole thing is pretty cool, so let’s have some harmless fun and proceed as if it is not fake. Leaked images from Amazon Japan and Amazon China, descended upon by a hungry army of translating redditors, seem to indicate that the case is leather, easily detachable, and has “attractive magnets,” which I can only assume is a nod to their aesthetics and not just a redundancy.

Redditors are also saying the Kindle Oasis will be 30 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than previous e-readers, with a 60 percent increase in the internal LED display. It’s also designed for one-handed use. According to Amazon, current Kindle models have a battery life of a few weeks on a single charge.