Thanks To A Royals Jersey, 'Better Call Saul' Can End Now

One fan theory that gives the show an implausible happy ending.

Better Call Saul just keeps getting better, and now, it might’ve dropped such a big easter egg that it could actually end right now, and I’d be happy. How? Let’s put some yarn up on the ole’ conspiracy board.

Jimmy and Kim have been building their relationship in season two and Kim has risen to become one of the main characters, if not the focus of the last few episodes, which is a cool twist. Last week, Kim was shown lounging around in an oversized KC Royals baseball t-shirt. We know at this point that nothing done in the Breaking-verse happens without a very, very good reason, so this stood out immediately.

What the internet pieced together next is pretty awe-inspiring.

The show is set in 2002 (when the Royals went 62-100 and Neifi Perez was the starting shortstop), so is there a baseball tie-in to be found? AMC gave a statement to The Kansas City Star saying, “The T-shirt was a choice made with thought and intention,” but the network did not elaborate.


The folks at UPROXX suggest:

“Omaha was the Triple-A team of the Royals, and that’s why Saul Goodman went to Omaha after the events of Breaking Bad. Kim Wexler is from somewhere on the Kansas/Nebraska border, which potentially puts her within 100 miles of Omaha. Moreover, Kim said she thought she’d one day end up as a cashier at the Hinky Dinky grocery store in her hometown. Hinky Dinky was an actual grocery-store chain (that has since gone out of business), and wouldn’t you know it, the chain was originally started in Omaha. What I’m saying is: it’s looking more and more likely that Saul Goodman ended up in Omaha for a reason very much associated with Kim Wexler, and there may be a happy ending for those two yet. Maybe they’ll shack up in that small Kansas/Nebraska border town, practice small-town law and adopt Jesse Pinkman.”

And that’s heartbreaking. We’ve seen flash-forwards to modern day Saul running a Cinnabun and getting trapped by the garbage. He looks insanely sad, but if the person to come save him from the garbage trap is Kim — and at least two characters in this universe have a happy ending — then oh my god, I’m fine with it ending now.